Casino deposit by Bitcoin

How do Bitcoins work?

Bitcoins are a digital currency that can be used very similarly to how cash works. Bitcoins are generated by a process called 'mining' by computer programs around the world do complex maths algorithms. There is a finite amount of Bitcoins so eventually all the Bitcoins will be made, so as long as there is demand for the crypto-currency the value should be safe.

You don't have to do the mining yourself, you can just buy existing Bitcoins from an online Bitcoin exchange. The value of a Bitcoin can vary and has seen wild fluctuations, ideally you want to buy at a low price and sell when they are in high demand so you get more cash for each Bitcoin.

Normally, it is best practice to store your Bitcoins in an online wallet, this makes it easier to buy and sell more Bitcoins as well has using it to pay for things online such as depositing your bankroll into an online casino. These wallets are often part of the service provided by online Bitcoin exchanges.

The value of a single Bitcoin is now gone to such a large amount that you will mainly be trading in portions of a Bitcoin. Similar to how dollars is broken down into cents, the same applies with Bitcoins but called 'satoshis' or 'micro-bitcoins'.

Play online slot machines with Bitcoins

Using Bitcoins is very straightforward once you have got your Bitcoin wallet setup. So find a Bitcoin exchange and setup a wallet, once you have done that you can head to the cashier part of your selected online casino that accepts Bitcoin and deposit how much you want.

Online Bitcoin slot machines work the same aas all the other online slot machines, the only real difference is when you come to deposit and withdraw the money. It will be to and frm your online wallet as opposed to your credit card or bank account.

Bitcoin safety concerns

It can be quite daunting if you have not used Bitcoins before, especially when you hear things in the media about servers getting hacked and millions of Bitcoins are stolen. These situations are rare and are not in relation to online casinos.

Using Bitcoins themselves online actually adds a layer of extra security as they are anonymous, so you personal details such as credit card numbers and bank account details are never uploaded to the casino.

Advantages of using Bitcoin on casinos

Bitcoins are anonymous, so you have an extra layer of safety a your payment details will never be uploaded or stored. The is no central bank involved with the transaction process, so there are no banking fees, although there maybe a small fee from either the casino or you online Bitcoin exchange. Although a disadvantage as well as an advantage, the value of a Bitcoin can be volatile, but you may getting a second win if the value of the Bitcoin goes up whilst it is you possession, and if you are lucky enough to win more Bitcoins too.

Disadvantages of using Bitcoin on casinos

Very much like the advantage, the value of the Bitcoin can suddenly drop, which means if you have spent money building up Bitcoins but the value drops then you may have less money, even without gambling anything. Also, much like a real wallet, there is the possibility of it being stolen or hacked, but this is quite rare. The final disadvantage is the that Bitcoin is not widely accepted by casinos, so you may not get to play at your chosen casino.

Casinos that accept Bitcoin

Benefits of gambling with Bitcoin

No central bank so much lower transaction fees
Anonymous payment method
Value of Bitcoin could go up so may end up with more value

Disadvantages of gambling with Bitcoin

Not all casinos accept Bitcoin
Value of Bitcoin could go down so you may lose that
Potentially wallet could get hacked and Bitcoins stolen


What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a brand of crypto-currency that you can use to but and sell items without the requirement of a banking service and can be anonymous.

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoins are generated, known as mining, by using sophisticated computer programs to create a unique token, the Bitcoin. You do not have to worry about that part and you can buy and sell Bitcoins on special trading platforms. The value of a single Bitcoin is worth so much now, you tend to trade in just a small portion of a Bitcoin, similar to how we have dollars and cents.

How do I use Bitcoins?

To use Bitcoins you need to setup an account with an online Bitcoin exchange, where you can open what is often called a wallet. You will be able to buy Bitcoins from others in the marketplace or from the exchange themselves. It does not matter which country you are from, you can pay for it in your local currency and Bitcoin will work internationally.

Do casino accept Bitcoin?

Some casinos will now allow you to deposit your bankroll with Bitcoin. When you look through our casino reviews you will be able to check if your favourite online casino accepts Bitcoin.

Are winnings paid in Bitcoin?

Yes, winnings are paid directly into your virtual wallet. Because there is no banking system involved and is internationally accepted it is an extremely fast way to make withdrawals from online casinos.

What fees are incurred when using Bitcoins for online slots?

Online casino fees are very low but will vary from casino to casino. The is no central banking system with Bitcoins, so there are no additional fees like there are with other methods such as credit cards.

Is it safe to use Bitcoins for online slots?

Because Bitcoins are anonymous, they do provide an extra layer of safety because your personal details are safe. Always check the legitimacy and trustworthiness of an online casino before making a deposit.