How we review online casinos

Discover SlotPundit's thorough and unbiased review process for slot machines. Our team of experts evaluates gameplay, graphics, payout potential, and more to provide accurate reviews.

Deciding the best online casinos

We have our very own way of rating online casinos, we never give an exact disclosure of all the points and items we look for, simply because we are constantly looking to improve as well as making sure the casinos that we review are updating their websites. But ultimately we are looking to provide the casinos that give the most fun and safe gaming experience.

Safety and Support

We want to make sure the casino will honour bets, act professionally and be accredit to a regulatory body. We also want their contact details to be readily available with good response times and friendly staff.

Casino's Website

We are looking for beauty as well as functionality on their website, making sure it works across systems and browsers, definitely don't want long loading times, needs to be secure and easy to navigate and choose games.

Game Range

It's not a matter of having the largest portfolio of online slots, we want to see a range of quality games, variety of themes and gameplay styles. Also, we want to be able to view them easily and navigate.


Does the casino care about it's players, how long has the casino operating and what sort of reputation has the operating company have. We will also take into consideration there online presence in forums and google reviews.


Being able to play across devices is very important to us. We want to make sure we can enjoy the online slots wherever and can be played on the desktop computer and well as lying back on the sofa with a mobile device.


We make sure the bonuses the online casino provides are not just competitive but super generous without complications, restrictions and ease of use to apply. We also want to see an array or bonuses to choose from.

Progressive Jackpots

One of our favourites is to play for a large prize, we want to see progressive jackpots but also want to see how big the prize fund gets, how regularly it is won and how many slot games are linked to the cash prize.


This is very important, we want a variety of deposit options that include some of the big providers, we want instant deposits and fast payouts. And of course, we want to see low transaction fees. Also need variety of currency options too.


What sort of actions do they employ to keep our interest, do we get more bonuses, unlock new games or open up new areas. Also want to see want sort of community is involved within the online casino and how often they update their games.

Sign Up Process

I is areal bore having to constantly prove identity, so we are always fans of slick and easy signup procedure without endless forms and uploads that still maintain safety and conform to the jurisdictions legal requirements.