Casino deposit by credit card

How do you use credits cards on online casinos

Using credits cards to play online slots is a very quick, simple and secure way to deposit money into your bankroll on he casino of your choice. You will either be given the option to add credit card details when you signup to the casino or you can add the details later by logging into your account area of the casino's website.

For your protects, some credit card providers will require and additional check to reduce fraud. This may mean you either get redirected from the website to the credit card providers or you may have to do some sort of two-factor authentication, such as having a code sent to your mobile phone.

Your online bankroll should be instant, ready for you to use.

Accepted credit cards are accepted by online casinos

Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted credit card to play online slots. American Express (AMEX) and Diner's Club can be found at selected casinos.

When choosing which card to use make sure you consider the fees, the currency exchange rate and conversion fee as well as if the card can accept your winning too. All good online casinos will have the options clearly available to you in their terms and conditions.

Using third party services to use credit card

If you find that you can't use credit card at your chosen online casino due to the fees, rules or regulations, you may still be able to use your credit card by making use of third party services such as, Neteller or Skrill . You add your funds to those services as you would with the casino but then you can add to your casino's bankroll with those services, although this may incur an additional cost.

Advantages of using credit card

The main advantage to using a credit card to add deposit to your bankroll to play online slots, is the instant speed at which the money is available to play with. You don't have to use third party services so it is much faster and less hassle than other alternatives. Using credit cards also feels a lot safer, as many people are already familiar with the brands and how they operate and your credit card provider may also have additional security procedures to stop fraud.

Disadvantages of using a credit card

The biggest disadvantage, is the fees. Depositing money into your casino's bankroll is considered a 'cash advance' as if you were withdrawing money from an ATM, which typically comes with a 1%-4% fee.

Other disadvantages apply depending on the casino, for example withdrawing your winnings may not be available with your credit card. In some countries or jurisdictions there maybe bans on using credit cards when gambling online by regulators.

Credit Card Fees

Always check the terms and conditions with the online casino to see if they have a processing fee, most good casinos will not.

Your credit card provider will likely charge you your 'cash advance' which is typically between 1%-4% with Visa or MasterCard but other providers can be much higher with American Express (AMEX) being over 10%. You credit card provider may also charge you a currency conversion, for example if you selected casino only works in US dollars (USD) but you have a British credit card in sterling (GBP) then there will likely be a charge.

Casinos that accept Credit Cards

Benefits of gambling with Credit Cards

Very fast transactions for deposit
Lower transaction cost than eWallet provider
No need to create another account
Good security

Disadvantages of gambling with Credit Cards

Have to pay 'cash advance' transaction fee
Not all jurisdictions allow gambling with credit cards


Do online casinos accept credit cards?

Yes, almost all online casinos will accept credit cards to deposit to your bankroll, withdrawing the your winnings you will need to check with the casino's terms and conditions.

Can I collect online casino winnings with credit card?

In most cases you can withdraw you winnings with the credit card you made the deposit with. It is always best to check with the online casino in their deposit and withdrawal terms and conditions

Are my credit card details safe with online casinos?

Credit cards provide a safe and secure method when using online casinos. Always make sure the website is using SSL-encryption by looking for the padlock next to the URL in the browser. Also, it would be very prudent to check online casino reviews before hand to check their reputation.

Is there a fee for using credit cards on online casinos?

Each provider will be different. Depositing money into your casino bankroll is considered a 'cash advance' so your credit card provider may charge between 1%-5%. Also, if you are playing in a different country to your card provider there will be a currency conversion charge.

How fast are online casino credit card transactions?

Credit card deposits to your casino bankroll is instant, so you can play straight away. Withdrawing your bankroll will usually take a little longer, typically between 2-5 business days depending on your card provider.

What is the best credit card to use with online casinos?

Typically Visa and Mastercard are accepted the most and have less issues, other such as American Express you will have to check if the online casino can process the payment.